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IT Services

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Data center services

Managed Housing

We host critical customer infrastructures in our data centers, under maximum security conditions and ensuring the highest level of performance.
The Housing service is of the "Managed" type: we acquire specific knowledge of the characteristics of the hosted information systems, constantly monitor their operating condition, highlight criticalities, prevent problems and offer advice on the optimization of the services provided by customers to their users.

The approach we offer does not merely involve "space, bandwidth and traffic" as is the case with the most common and dispersive data centres, but instead manage physical and virtual customer infrastructures, starting from the initial sizing and setup, continuously ensuring their full and efficient use, as well as their balanced enhancement over time.
Customers may optionally fully manage their servers, in remote or on-site (by appointment) mode, and use personalised monitoring and support services (based on the specific nature of their businesses, criticalities, frequencies, peak workloads etc.).

Customers may also choose any of the following services:

  • Dedicated servers:: we loan or rent servers that are appropriately sized and configured based on customer needs, with pre-installed operating systems and other necessary services. The hardware is covered by a professional on-site assistance provided by our partner manufacturers. 
  • Virtual servers:: the virtual instance is attested on our infrastructure, managed and sized using the most widespread and reliable virtualization platforms (VMware, Citrix Xen, Microsoft Hyper-V, etc.). Possibility of importing pre-existing instances, scheduling snapshots, configuring customised backups, quickly changing the allocation of resources (bandwidth, RAM, CPU, disk space, etc.) in order to manage unexpected or new needs.
  • Collocation: our data centre can accommodate infrastructure that is already by customers, rack or tower type servers, particular or industry specific hardware, telecommunications equipment.
  • Cloud servers