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VoIP telecommunication solutions

We offer customised VoIP communication solutions.

VoIP technology is an innovation that is now a must for companies, because it:

  • Minimises telephony costs
  • Enables timely analysis and rationalisation of consumption
  • Offers greater scalability and versatility (advanced features on calls)
  • Allows number portability.

The following are some of the functions of our VoIP solution:

  • Integrating VoIP lines with ISDN -BRI and ISDN -PRI and GSM
  • Breakdown of outgoing calls by cost centre
  • Breakdown of outgoing calls based on the lowest cost
  • Workstation manageable via web DISA (possibility of making calls from any phone, as if you were at the office)
  • Answering machine service that is general or for individual users through voice mail
  • Multi-level interactive programmable auto-responder (IVR)
  • Advanced reporting, or call recording (CDR) , with details analysed by date, time, destination and internal number
  • Management of calls on hold and call categories
  • Automated management of outbound campaigns
  • Fax Management via mail or fax server plug-in for the main
  • Mail clients in order to activate features such as Click & Dial
  • Web interface for managing user functions and administering the entire network
  • Fax server integration possibility (with automatic forwarding via e-mail in PDF format)
  • Custom recordable voice replies from your phone
  • Day, night, holidays and pause functions which are customisable
  • Authentication services, such as passwords and security codes
  • Integration with the main integrated messaging systems (Microsoft Exchange, VMWare Zimbra )