IT Services

IT Services

Your company’s infrastructure in good hands

Hardware and software supplies

PCs, notebooks, workstations

Thanks to the experience gained in the different operating environments of our customers, we are able to provide a very wide range of solutions.
We customise graphic and CAD workstations, carefully assessing scope of use and performance in relation to cost.
In regard to mobile systems we carefully analyse every single need in order to provide customised solutions in terms of performance and portability also considering, where necessary, machines with military level certifications that ensure robustness and operation in industrial and hostile environments.
Support services which include on-site intervention within the following working day, even abroad, ensure productivity and the protection of investments over time.

We believe in the importance of our ancillary services, including:

  • Tracking and remote data destruction in the event of lost or stolen notebooks
  • Insurance against theft and accidental damage not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.