New Brand Identity for Sinapto!


Sinapto Technology Consulting

Sinapto turns 20 and we decided to celebrate this moment with a new visual and communication identity. We started from what we were to explore what we will be.
Now is the time to share another important piece of our company with those who helped us grow and be what we are.

The root is the name.
Sinapto means to connect, unite and the union of elements, the merging of diversity into a unique synergy.

Sinapto is a family in understanding the wealth of skills, experiences and different perspectives and sharing values from everyday life that affect relations with customers and partners.
To make the family grow a real and ideal space is needed.

The space for Sinapto is a physical and virtual dimension, a place for interaction, design and development.
Space is also a representation of what Sinapto is; an open and shared environment, modeled on the everyday life of teams, active in supporting workflows and contributing to the coexistence of our peculiarities and diversity.

Technology is the language we speak in this space, a passion, an heritage that is enriched every day, and embodied in our work, helps our customers to grow.

Innovation helps Sinapto to interpret the challenges of the future on a daily basis and models solutions to the needs of the market and customers.

Technology Space Family
Technology Space Family


The circle


It is the memory of the nucleus from where everything originates
It is the idea of ​​infinite movement and change
It is continuity without beginning and without end
Represents time

The square


It is the expression of concrete space
It represents the solidity of the material
It regularizes how chaotic it is by nature

Technology Space Family Solutions
Technology Space Family Solutions


is the area dedicated to the design, implementation and management of technological infrastructures; integration, reliability, scalability, security and innovation are some of the criteria that have guided growth and at the same time are the values ​​we share with customers who become part of our family.


is the area dedicated to the design, development, customization, integration and automation of software solutions. Solid knowledge of the past and attention to the signs of the future, rigor and imagination, intelligence and integration, standardization and personalization, quality and timeliness are just some of the delicate balances that our team has been able to preserve with passion and attention over the twenty years of activities.


Thanks to the inclusive nature of diversity that Sinapto transforms the verticality and specialization of its Areas, of its souls into a dynamic and profitable synergy, in that constant exchange of skills and perspectives that allows to create solutions and provide services effectively and efficient.

The integration of these forms represents the Sinapto model, its way of reading, interpreting and providing answers. The integration of diversity generates a new form that drive the future.

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Sinapto Technology Consulting