IT Services

IT Services

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IT Solution Design


We design and develop the network infrastructures necessary to ensure the highest degree of integration in customers’ work processes:

  • We design physical networks (LAN/WAN), as well as installing the necessary connections and structuring the wiring of buildings
  • We protect networks, making them secure and high performance (VLANs, access policies, firewalling, QoS etc.)
  • We develop Wi-Fi networks (indoor or outdoor, mesh networks, captive portals, point-to-point networks and public hotspots), WiMAX, radio links
  • We design high reliability networks
  • We supply and configure active and passive network equipment (routers, switches, etc.)
  • We implement logical network infrastructure (IP addressing, segmentation of multiple networks, routing, DMZ, etc.)
  • We define the necessary bandwidth (warranted, International, MCR, PCR, etc.)
  • We analyse network performance using network monitoring systems configured on an ad-hoc basis
  • Carry out network fine-tuning
  • Design and develop VoIP networks using PoE technology