IT Services

IT Services

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IT Solution Design

Analysis and Design

Our approach to IT projects is strongly focused on the preliminary analysis and design phases.

Knowing the customer's business, understanding the specific work processes in the industry concerned, identifying current and future technology needs, and becoming the interpreters of the customer’s express and implicit needs. These are essential steps in the design of an IT infrastructure that ensures long term efficiency, security, performance and scalability.

In the early stages of analysis and design we:

  • Meet the customer’s representatives  
  • Identify all the needs and requirements
  • Carry out targeted visits to understand the specifics of the client's business
  • Map the existing infrastructure, and analyse the potential problems and root causes
  • Identify the need for technological renewal
  • Propose and design an optimal technological solution, in accordance with the customer's budget and with a vendor-independent approach (guarantee of transparency)
  • Motivate technological choices on the basis of effectiveness, efficiency and return on investment
  • Elaborate a systems evolution plan to ensure scalability over time