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Advanced Management Domains / DNS

We have been accredited for the years 2000 (the year Sinapto was founded) to 2010 by the Italian Domain Names Register as a Maintainer (SINAPTO - MNT); since 1 January 2011 we have been recognised as a Registrar with the tag SINAPTO-REG.
We use 3 main high reliability DNS servers (authoritative).

We also act as the sole interlocutor for the advanced management of customer domains:

  • Analysis of the domains online to check the security level of your brand/business
  • Outsourcing of the entire domain name registration, renewal, transfer and retention processes in order to relieve customers of needing costly in-house skills that they would otherwise need to acquire
  • Coverage of the domain name at all levels, both for type extensions "territorial" (.it, .de, .eu, .cn, .hk, etc.) and for industry specific extensions (.com, .biz, .net, .info, etc.).
  • Monitoring and surveillance of speculative and fraudulent activities (cybersquatting) which are detrimental to customer brandnames
  • Re-appropriation of domains through interventions of an administrative, legal or commercial (auctions) nature.