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IT Services

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Disaster Recovery

We provide consultancy for defining, in agreement with the main company departments, a Business Continuity Plan to ensure the continuity of the company should force majeure events occur.
We identify the potential risks, the points of failure, the critical business processes, and work out a contingency plan that:

  • Increases the responsiveness and adaptation by the organisation should large-scale events occur
  • Ensures the company has the opportunity to continue its business activities in the event of the sudden unavailability of services, infrastructures and data
  • Aids decision-making in the event of a crisis
  • Minimises downtime
  • Ensures the effectiveness of recovery processes

We define disaster recovery plans as part of a business continuity plan in order to ensure, through the adoption of appropriate technological measures and organizational processes, the continuation of the provision of IT services.
Disaster recovery involves the redundancy of production systems in a separate data centre (disaster recovery site) and automatic processes for data synchronization, in order to make the information systems of the primary site unusable should a force majeure event occur, and making the secondary site services accessible and usable within certain timescales, as well as minimising data loss.