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IT Services

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Security Governance

In a global system in which information can be generated, communicated and strengthened very quickly, the value and importance of "data" is increasing in importance for those who use digital technologies.
The improper or incorrect protection of personal digital data can just as quickly cause financial losses: confidentiality, data protection and compliance with internal and external regulations now become very important objectives for companies that need to protect their market competitiveness and mitigate exposure to risk.

We now have a comprehensive, structured and consistent approach to customer support in the definition and implementation of strategies and operational models for the management of security and information security and compliance, with the aim of governing information and risk through dynamic, integrated and optimised processes, consistent and appropriate to the relevant type of business.
Our consultancy services involve the following principle activities:

  • Security and compliance audits
  • Penetration testing/auditing of systems
  • Definition and implementation of Information Security Management Systems
  • Definition and implementation of Compliance Management Systems
  • Definition and implementation of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery systems
  • Risk analysis and analysis of accidents management, abuse, fraud and reputation impact
  • Re-engineering of processes
  • Security checks on IT and organisational flaws
  • Security and compliance training