IT Services

IT Services

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IT Solution Design

Consolidation of infrastructures

Decades of experience in the assessment and management of complex and heterogeneous IT infrastructures, for small, medium and large companies, allows us to propose improvements to rationalise systems, reduce waste, increase efficiency and productivity:

  • Rationalise the current equipment
  • Rationalise user profiles
  • Plan and manage the technological multi-year renewal of hardware
  • Adopt green IT practices for energy efficiency and minimising environmental impact
  • Consolidate the number of servers through the adoption of server virtualization systems and cloud computing
  • Develop Thin Client networks, significantly reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of workstations
  • Collaborate with leading financial institutions to provide financing services for technological renewal (leasing, lease-back or long-term rental)
  • Rationalise the distribution of network users, data and services in the various customer locations