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Virtualization and cloud

Based on our customers' changing business needs and the characteristics of their equipment, we propose and implement plans for the consolidation of server infrastructure aimed at ensuring a more efficient use of resources (computing power, energy, space, volume etc.), reducing the need for hardware, improving performance and reliability, and reducing costs.

a server consolidation project involves the prior analysis and listing of existing infrastructure and available resources, monitoring workloads, the implementation of an operational plan for the analytical transition to a virtualized system (virtualization plan), the migration of physical servers into virtual servers, and a gradual switch of services onto virtual or cloud infrastructure.

The following are the main drivers adopted for server consolidation:

  • Virtualization

The following are the benefits provided by the virtualization of multiple instances (OSs) on the same physical server:

  • Reduction in the consumption of electricity
  • Reduction of costs related to air conditioning systems
  • Centralisation of server management, maintenance and upgrading
  • A more efficient allocation of available resources (CPU, RAM, storage, etc.).
  • Faster and more efficient backup and recovery processes
  • Maintenance of legacy systems (such as management or other departmental software) over time or systems that are no longer supported
  • Space reduction in the data center
  • Reduction of downtime

We guarantee the highest level of competence on the most common and reliable virtualization platforms: VMware, Citrix Xen, Microsoft Hyper-V

  • Cloud computing 

If specific needs are identified in terms of resources, volumes and scalability for customers’ information systems, or some of them, we propose the adoption of SaaS (Software as a Service) or DaaS (Data as a Service) cloud computing services. In relation to these systems, we first analyse technical feasibility and cost effectiveness.

We have gained significant experience in the use of the most innovative cloud computing infrastructure available on the current market, Amazon Web Services (further technical information on AWS can be obtained at

We also install private cloud and data sharing in cloud solutions, combining the ease of use of the most commonly used products (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive etc.) with the privacy of corporate data (physically located in Italy on servers owned by customers, in accordance with data protection laws). We provide the management and security required of a professional and corporate service, integration with existing architecture, and flexibility.

  • Rationalisation of the services

Obsolete and/or poorly maintained infrastructures may significantly benefit from a rationalisation of services aimed at increasing efficiency, eliminate duplication and an improved allocation of existing hardware resources. In particular, the rationalisation we propose aims to eliminate redundant and unused services, upgrade the systems, and migrate to solutions that are lighter, more modern and innovative.