Technology, methodology and creativity

In 2000 we were a small group of young people who had recently graduated from University; we shared an ardent pioneering type of passion for the internet and new technologies, as well as a pinch of recklessness that was necessary to establish Sinapto. Over the years we have grown, gained experienced, faced complex challenges, made ​​a few mistakes, learned a lot and understood what we like and what we can do better. We have used the web and technologies to help our clients grow with us.
The meaning of the Greek word συναπτω (pronounced sinapto) helps us describe who we are. This is where our name comes from, and it means "to connect”, "to join", "help": we believe that we can only operate effectively through teamwork, by bringing together very different, but complementary, skills.
We try to forge lasting partnerships with our customers, consolidating them with trust based on mutual understanding and shared values​​. Our mission is to help our customers in the best possible way to answer three key questions that characterise the services we provide:  

How can I use web technologies to optimise the work in my company?

How can I get the best from my company’s technological infrastructures?

How can internet improve the relationship between my company and its customers?