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IT Services

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Cloud computing

In response to specific customer needs in terms of resource requirements, volumes, and scalability, we design and supply IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service) mode infrastructures in a AWS Amazon Web Services environment (you can obtain more technical information on

These "in the cloud" solutions, which are not tied to specific hardware, ensure the widest possible scalability, the possibility of using potentially unlimited resources (computing power, disk space and bandwidth), and certain and transparent costs based on a "pay per use" logic (so that the company does not have to purchase costly and complex infrastructures).

Furthermore, customers who use the private cloud and data sharing in cloud housing/hosting services, which combine the ease of use of the most commonly available products (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive etc.) and corporate data privacy (in regard to data that is physically located on a server owned by the customer, located in Italy, and subject to the local data protection laws), are provided with the management and security required of a professional and corporate service, as well as integration with existing architecture and flexibility.