AWS Partnership

Sinapto is an AWS partner

With the experience and expertise of its certified technicians, Sinapto offers professional services and consulting on solutions offered by Amazon AWS. Book HERE your appointment.

Vision Arya

AWS Cloud Services

Sinapto offers companies in all industries a full range of cloud-based services. Our experts can support organizations that need to analyze, evaluate and implement cloud-based services in order to:

  • Deliver modern, high-performance, secure technology services.
  • Modernize systems and applications.
  • Migrate mission-critical workloads.
  • Develop serverless applications.
  • Leverage the most innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) services.

and more, to improve business processes and increase their efficiency and effectiveness.


Services Offered

AWS Application Development 
Design, develop and deploy your applications easily and securely with AWS.

AWS Application Modernization Services 
Transform legacy applications by leveraging containers, serverless computing, microservices and all the latest cloud-native technologies.

SaaS Application Development Services 
Develop reliable, scalable, high-performance SaaS applications on AWS without adding operational complexity.

Cloud DevOps Services 
Accelerate application development and deployment by implementing DevOps best practices on the AWS cloud.

AWS Migration Services 
Accelerates cloud adoption by migrating infrastructure and applications to AWS while maintaining business continuity.

AWS Cloud Containers Services 
Enhances application development and deployment capabilities by containerizing mission-critical software components. Easily deploy, manage and scale distributed applications in containers (ECS, EKS).

AWS Database Services 
Migrate and modernize databases to cloud (RDS) to support the most stringent innovation goals.

AWS Data Analytics Services 
Store and analyze all your data in the cloud to discover valuable opportunities for your business.

AWS Machine Learning/artifical Intelligence Consulting Service 
Deploy AI/ML solutions to automate data analytics tasks, improve Customer experience, predict results, and identify appropriate patterns with Rekognition, Textract, Kendra, Comprehend, and many more services.

AWS Cloud Managed Services 
Forget the hassles in 24/7 infrastructure management: reduce cloud costs by maximizing performance and availability with infrastructure management services such as EC2, S3, Route53, AWS Connect, CloudWatch, Organizations.

Windows Workloads 
Migrate and use your Windows applications on AWS cloud, on the go and with maximum flexibility.

AWS Security 
Minimize risk and protect your IT infrastructure from data loss or intrusion; profile access and ensure that only authorized people can access sensitive information with advanced security services such as IAM, WAF, CloudTrail, Trusted Advisor. Make your organization compliant with all regulations and security best practices.



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