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IT Services

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Services A / V streaming

Our data centres provide audio/video streaming services over the Internet, both in "live streaming" (real time) and "streaming on demand" mode using state-of-the-art technologies (Flash Media Server, Windows Media Server, Shoutcast , FullHD H.264 support, aacPlus support, etc.).

The services provided include:

  • The planning of events and the content of the service (A/V stream quality, number of users, bandwidth, traffic, storage space etc.).
  • The encoding of the stream
  • The publication of the flow on the streaming server
  • The configuration and customisation of the schedule’s dynamic management
  • The development of the code necessary to integrate the flow in the customer's sites
  • Ability to integrate advertising systems within or overlapping the flow
  • The full smartphone and tablet compatibility (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile)