Istituto Marangoni: the new platform Admission Online


Sinapto has designed and developed the Admission Online platform for Istituto Marangoni. This platform allows students to enroll in one or more academic courses, upload online and receive by e-mail all the documents to complete the enrollment and finally to execute the payment of the fee by bank transfer or credit card.

Once the student have registered to the platform and start the enrollment process, he can monitor the progress and any communications from the Office of Admission Marangoni Institute.

The Admission Online platform and all the e-mail communications are available in four languages: Italian, English, French and Spanish. The platform currently allows students to enroll in all courses offered by Istituto Marangoni campus in Milan, Florence, London and Paris.

To develop the platform, that is designed with a fully responsive approach to allow the full enjoyment even from all the mobile devices, it used the CMS Comunica, developed by Sinapto, which provides Marangoni Institute to use a backoffice for the application form management.