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01/09/2006 Digital transformation

The final version of documenta is now available more


01/06/2006 IT Services

Sinapto began working with Lutech for health sector more

H3g - 3 Power

01/06/2006 Sinapto world

Sinapto won the tender for the development of 3 Power more

Nava Design

01/05/2006 IT Services

Sinapto has started providing system support to Nava Design more


01/04/2006 IT Services

H3g Sinapto has completed the development and implementation of new intranet services more


01/04/2006 Sinapto world

Sinapto has signed a contract with the Zucchetti Group more

Feram Yachting

01/04/2006 Sinapto world

The development of the website www.bedonboard.it has started more

Company Data Security

01/03/2006 IT Services

Sinapto is continuing to provide consultancy services concerning company data security more

Az Pressofusioni

01/02/2006 Sinapto world

The new Az Pressofusioni website is online more

Housing of Puntoshop.tv

01/02/2006 IT Services

Sinapto host the web services for Puntoshop.tv more

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