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Logimark Labelling Systems

18/03/2010 Digital marketing

Sinapto developed the website of LOGIMARK Logimark Labelling Systems. more


23/02/2010 Digital marketing

Sinapto restyled and re-engineered the website of Idronaut S.r.l. more

01/09/2009 Digital marketing

Sinapto completed the acquisition of more


16/03/2009 Digital marketing

Sinapto designed and developed an e-commerce platform for Somedia S.p.A. more

The Nice Hand

16/12/2008 Digital marketing

The poker platform developed by Sinapto is online more

Software Zone

26/11/2008 Digital marketing

Sinapto will redesign the graphics and change the architecture of the information site more

Hasbro Italy

07/08/2008 Digital marketing

Hasbro Italy chose Comunica for its website more


13/06/2008 Digital marketing

Italian, French, German and Spanish Card Player will benefit from Comunica more


04/12/2007 Digital marketing

Sinapto is chosen for the redesign and reengineeri... more


05/10/2007 Digital marketing

It's online the english version of Sinapto website... more

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