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Site Builder

03/12/2012 Digital marketing

Site Builder

Sinapto develops a system for the mass production of websites. more

Diretta Calcio S4

20/11/2012 Digital marketing

Diretta Calcio S4

Sinapto realizes Diretta Calcio S4 application for iPhone. more

Corvo Rosso

10/10/2012 Digital marketing

Corvo Rosso

The new website created by Sinapto is onine. more


13/06/2012 Digital marketing

The new website created by Sinapto is online. more

Raffaello Cortina Editore

18/04/2012 Digital marketing

Sinapto makes the graphic and functional redesign of the e-commerce site more

Oasi di pace

15/03/2012 Digital marketing

Oasi di pace

The new website, developed ​​by Sinapto using CMS Comunica, is online. more


18/01/2012 Digital marketing

Sinapto developed the website that allows users to try clothes online. more


15/12/2011 Digital marketing


Sinapto restyled the website of the engineering company Montana S.p.a. more


04/10/2011 Digital marketing

Sinapto collaborates with Accenture S.p.A. on a project regarding Java and Oracle development. more


04/08/2011 Digital marketing

The new website, created by Sinapto using CMS Comunica, is online. more

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